Braun CoolTec The Best Electric Shaver System

My older electric shaver packed it in, so rather than taking it in for servicing I decided to buy a new one. I searched the reviews on the best electric shaver site to see what men said about the latest technological gadgets.

I didn’t want a cheap shaver, as I was hoping to have one that would last me for a few years at least. I also didn’t need a lot of frills, but wanted one that would do more than simply shave a few whiskers off my face. I finally found the best electric shaver for me. People are always hesitant when ordering online as you can’t actually try your shaver out in advance. You never know what you’re going to get. When I read the Braun Cooltec review my fears were put to rest. This one is truly one of the best electric shaver on the market today. I was quite pleased with myself that I got it right the first time round, and didn’t have to do any product exchanges. The first thing I noticed when I removed the Braun Cooltec from its packaging was that this foil head style shaver looks a bit different than the other offerings on the market. It has an attractive blue head and grey body finish. Braun ensures that they have a slightly different product on the market today so they stand out from the crowd. And there certainly were a lot of different cordless shavers to choose from.

Getting back to the Braun Cooltec, notable features included active cooling technology.

In my online meanderings I did not notice one other brand that promised to keep the skin cool was shaving. There was no warmth or heat that occurred while shaving. While this wasn’t normally an issue for me, I certainly appreciated it as the weather is becoming much hotter. A nice cool shave first thing in the morning is what wakes me up. Do you ever have issues with attempting to shave hairs on your face that grow in all different directions? That’s no longer an issue with the SensoBlade system. These blades capture all whiskers growing in all directions, so you’re not left awkwardly trying to move your shaver in all different directions. This shaver can be used wet or dry, perfect for those days when you’re in a rush and must shave in the shower. The shaver is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting moisture inside and ruining the foil head. It’s also easy to wash. The included Clean & Renew system does a great job of cleaning. It will wash, disinfect, condition, and charge up your shaver. When it’s done, you have a fresh new shaver, ready to use. Depending how often you shave will depend on how often you use the Clean & Renew system. This shaver is priced at over $100, making it the best electric shaver for those willing to shell out a few extra dollars, but not hundreds. Braun is a great name, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how well my electric shaver performs.

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