GTA 5 Stock Market Tips

Here are the tips and tricks you need to make tons of money on Grand Theft Auto’s stock market.

Lester Assassination Missions

The “Lester Assassination Missions” method of investing in GTA 5’s stock market is the best and most reliable way to make money. It involves buying and selling specific stocks prior to and after you complete Lester’s assassination missions (which form a large part of the single-player storyline). You can find a page dedicated Lester’s Assassination Missions. Also find GTA Online Modding PS4 right here for modded accounts.

High Frequency Stock Trade

This is only applicable to LCN stocks. To make it worthwhile, you will need a lot of money. It is a good idea to do this after you have completed all of Lester’s assassination mission. While you are doing this, the LCN stock prices will update every 45 seconds.

You should look for the stock with the lowest price. This will allow you to buy more.
You can immediately save your game by buying it at the maximum amount. Do not waste time. You will only have 45 seconds.
After you have saved the stock, go to the “purchase more stock” page and pretend to buy more. If you keep on the “purchase more stock” page, the price will always update for you.
Save your game if the stock price rises and then go back to the previous steps. Reload your saved game to try again if the stock price drops.
It can be annoying to have to wait for saving screens, but it can also make sense if you invest a lot. Although the incremental price changes will not be huge (maybe a few pennies per price change), they can add up if there is a lot of money on the line.

Insurance Company Stock Tip

Start a mission to destroy cars and then invest some money in AugeryInsurance stock. The stock should have dropped if you damaged many cars and destroyed many others. After a while, and if you have stopped destroying items, the stock price should rebound!

LCN Stock Trading

GTA V will always have one stock that fluctuates within a certain range when you play it.

It’s easy to trade stocks if you know the range and can locate that stock. Buy it when it falls to the bottom of its trading range. Sell it when it rises to the top.

The Assassination Missions will not affect the stock you have in mind for your game (ie Debonaire Cigarettes or Redwood)

Radio Stock Tips

Stock tips are more likely to be heard if you listen to radio talkback stations often. To make a profit, listen to the stock discussion and buy it if you hear it.

Stock Market: Buy Low and Sell High

This is a great way to get cheap stock, and also increase its value.

This tactic is based on company rivalry/competitor systems and is centered around Los Santos International Airport. Our chart above will show that FlyUS and AirEMU are rival airlines companies. This can be used to your advantage and earn you big. Make sure you save your game before you start this to ensure that you have a backup copy of your money in case anything goes wrong.

You will need to buy all of the AirEMU stock you can. Then, destroy all FlyUS planes at the airport. You should find plenty. The large liveries at the sides of the aircrafts will tell you which airline they belong. You can decrease FlyUS’ market price and increase AirEMU by destroying the planes.

Flying FlyUS planes can be a great way to decrease their value, but it is quite time-consuming. You can commit suicide after you have destroyed several planes. However, this will not save the game. Keep checking the stock market several times and continue to sleep/kill yourself until your profit percentage increases. You can get as high at 10%. If it stops growing after a while, just take your winnings and then sell as high or as low as possible.

Tinkle Stock Tip

This is best done when you have serious money to invest.

Get all of your characters to invest on Tinkle (TNK), on the BAWSAQ.
You can then head to Hitch Lift 1 with Michael as your character, and you’ll find a man to pick up.
You will need to transport him to the Airport. He’ll inform you about a stock that is increasing in value.

Trading Days and Advancement Time

Every trading day at the stock market starts at 8am, except weekends. If you want to advance time, make sure you check it every day at 8am. You can advance time by sleeping 8 hours.

You don’t need to save if you want your time to advance more quickly/efficiently. You can simply go to the save screen while you are in bed, and then exit. This will advance the time.

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